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HAJJI 3 - Leave a message below


saddle up

the deal is Hoops doesn't get here til the 2nd, and then we are hosting a wedding reception at shackinetics on the 7th. With July 4 being on a Wednesday, we decided to keep it open to whatever y'all may be able to work out as far as taking of days on whichever side of the 4th.

that is all. talk amongst yourselves. cheers

Since this thing is going to

Since this thing is going to last 4 days you all should have no excuses to not show up at some point and say hello and get some alcohol. Since I'm a God damned war hero two times over the least you can do to honor your country is show up, drink, and play with explosives. I don't see how a week long drinking binge with fireworks can be anything but successful. See ya there.

cheetahs and spider monkeys

Hmmm...I'm only coming if there's a cheetah and a spider monkey walking around serving drinks. I'll also accept an ocelot and a baboon.

Re: monkeys and things

That's a perfectly reasonable request and I'll be sure to delegate it to Kristi. However, I do not remember inviting any shifty Peruvian(s).


There will be no puking in the pool.

Callaghan says: You fuckers

Callaghan says: You fuckers are Awesome!


Is Friday the 6th the Grand Finale?

Yes - Friday, July 6th will

Yes - Friday, July 6th will be the grand finale... it should be a good one!


yep, we gotta get cleaned up for wedding reception by afternoon of 7th.

If by grand finale you mean

If by grand finale you mean the day most likley to see me rushed to the hospital for fireworks burns then yes this will be the finale*. Bring your friends.

*If alive by then.

nice carvings

nice carvings

Youse guys rock

Youse guys rock

Good You?

Yep, I'll be there.


Jatin and Anjali are signed up. I'm thinking of asking them to be event cooks - get everybody some culture.

only 15 days

until Hajji begins! Are you ready??? We need to start a list of things people are willing to bring, buy, or donate.... or things we just NEED. I'm thinking lots of tequila and vodka for starters.... any ideas?

kid friendly

will there be a day that might be kid friendly? I am looking forward to the non-kid days but one with them would be ok too.

kiddos and foods

In the past, everyone was slightly hungover until about 3pm when I got cut off early... (for banging pots like a monkey!) Daytime should be relatively kid friendly, but we'll have to play it by ear! Also, we'll be needing a Costco membership to pick up some foods/mixers for the event... anyone want to go shopping?


Quit domesticating our comment board.


So is the partying considered Cougar Friendly? I mean i know they can drink alot and can contribute to the overall tretchery at times, but i think it would be cool if cougars could come too.


we've applied for cougar-friendly status, and are awaiting state certification.

some info

Just reporting that Katsolis is planning on being here July 5-7. Also, Hoops should be here a little earlier (6/30) than initially planned so if any one wants to come then, that's cool too.



4th through the 6th....I

4th through the 6th....I will be there for all those days. hazaaaah

costco membership

Scott and I have a Costco membership and I am willing to put it to use for the good of Hajji.



I am hoping in this context Cougar refers to older women. As far as other animals are concerned I plan on bringing a Monkey as well. He enjoys outdoor activites of all kinds, smells somewhat, and used to reside in Boston. Should be there the night of the 3rd and 4th.


Since when does this crew have a kid friendly mode that you can just switch them on to?

kid friendly

Kid friendly means letting someone have a chaser.


I'm here. You're not.... Why?... Assholes


Is mine still there, or should i keep travellin?